La Petite Asahi


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Tsukune つくね – Japanese fluffy chicken balls typically grilled over charcoal and served as Yakitori 焼き鳥 OR simmered in soup and served as Nabe 鍋/ Shabu Shabu しゃぶしゃぶ hot pot.

Ingredients (2-3 Servings):

  • Ground Chicken                           150g
  • Chicken gizzard                           150g
  • Green onion (chopped)                 2-3
  • Soft tofu (firm is OK)                    140g
  • Grated Garlic                 1 tbl spoon
  • Grated Ginger                1 tbl spoon
  • Egg (Beaten) 1 Large
  • Potato starch (or Corn starch)  1.5 tea spoon
  • Salt                                   1/2 tea spoon

*add dried chili if you like it spicy

Step 1: Cut chicken gizzard into small pieces (diced, 5mm). Mix ground chicken, diced chicken gizzard, and salt in a bowl until the mixture become a bit sticky.

Step 2: In another bowl, mix tofu, potato starch, egg well until the tofu become airily and fluffy. Now mix the Step 1+ Step 2 ingredients plus green onion together.

Step 3: Make meat ball shapes, and serve on the your favourite plate. Now ready to cook in the hot pot.

*Caution: Chicken gizzard need a bit longer time to cook compare to other meats! Make sure to cook the meat balls long until the balls starts to float in the hot pot please! 

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