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MazeSoba is also called Japanese dried noodle or soupless ramen. “Maze” means to mix and “Soba” means Ramen noodle. Chinese dandan man, Korean Jajang myeon or Indonesian Mie ayam is also the same family as MazeSoba. In my recipe, I used Japanese Somen Noodle. Somen noodles are very thin noodle just like Capellini pasta, but made of wheat flour. Somen noodle is a popular ingredients for Summer in Japan, and perfect for Cold Mazesoba.

Ingredients (2 Servings) :

  • Somen noodle                 2 Servings
  • Bean Sprout  (Boiled)         100g    
  • Cucumber (Shreded)             1/2          
  • Green Onion (Chopped)          2   
  • Sliced Pork (Boiled)             50 g            
  • Egg (Sunny side Up)                      2  
  • Sesame Oil         3 tbl spoon
  • Garlic (Sliced)                  2 cloves

*You can add any kind of your favourite veggies or left over veggies from your fridge. ie. Menma (marinated bamboo shoots), Corn, Tomato

☆ Soy sauce      1 tbl spoon
☆ Rice Vinegar          1 tbl spoon
☆ Oyster Sauce          2 tbl spoon
☆ Chicken bouillon power  1.5 tea spoon
☆ Sugar                   1.5 tea spoon
☆ White Sesame       1 tbl spoon

Step 1: Prep the Veggies and accordingly (shown above). 

Step 2: Cook Somen noodle 1 minute less than the package direction. Wash the cooked noodle with icy cold water, and drain the water completely.

Step 3: Add all the ☆ingredients to a bowl and mix well to make sauce.

Step 4: Add sesame oil in a small pan, cook garlics with low heat to make golden garlic chips. Add only the garlic flavoured oil into the sauce bowl (Step 3), and keep the garlic chips on the side.

Step 5: Cook sunny side up on the pan you made garlic chips.

Step 6: Combined the cooked somen noodle and sauce, mix well. 

Garnish all of the prepped Veggies, Meat, Garlic Chips and Eggs on the somen noodle, and ready to serve!

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