La Petite Asahi


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Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐 – One of the Chinese signature dish originates from Sichuan, China. Its a SpicyTofu dish, typically uses SoftTofu and cover with thick spicy meat sauce. Mapo is a style of Chinese flavour, you can also use mapo sauce for any veggies, seafoods, or noodles. My favorite one is with vermicelli and eggplant Mapo!

Ingredients (2-3 Servings):

  • Clams and Mussels 5 pieces each
  • Ground pork 100g
  • Soft Tofu 1 pack
  • Garlic (Minced) 2 clove
  • Ginger (Minced) 1 tbl spoon
  • Scallions or Onion 50g
  • Sesame oil 2 tbl spoon
  • Potato Starch (or Corn starch) 1 tbl spoon
  • Salt and Pepper 1 pinch
  • Sichuan pepper 1 pinch

☆cooking sake 3 tbl spoon
☆fish bouillon powder 1 tsp spoon
☆water 200 ml
☆oyster sauce 1 tbl spoon
sweet bean sauce 1 tbl spoon
chilli bean sauce 2 tbl spoon

Step 1: Heat up a pan, cook the garlic and ginger with sesame oil until the colour became golden brown. Add ground pork, onions, salt and pepper, break the lumps and cook the pork fully.

Step 2: Add cleaned clams and mussels in the Step 1 pan with cooking sake, close with a rid or aluminium foil and simmer for 5 minutes until all the shells are open. Keep the clams and mussels on a side.

Step 3: After removing the clams and mussels, add sauce☆ ingredients and bring up to a simmer. Stir starch mixture (starch and water 1:1) and add to stir-fry. Bring to a boil, stirring slowly and cook until thickened and glossy.

Step 4: Slide in the diced tofu, clams and mussels into sauce pan and mix gently. Turn off the heat and sprinkle Sichuan pepper, scallion, sesame to garnish.

Adjust the spice level by reducing the chili bean sauce. Add your favorite veggies or leftover veggies in your fridge to make it more nutritious!