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Ever since I’ve visited new Spanish tapas COMO Taperia on Main street + East 7th few weeks ago, I’m obsessed with Spanish canned seafood. Spanish people are obsessed with Two food, ‘Jamón’ and ‘Canned Seafood’. I’ve never thought I will be the same.. I’m a big believer that Seafood tastes the best when its fresh (So Japanese mind..), and canned food for me was either cheap snacks or emergency foods.. BUT some of Spanish canned seafood at COMO blew my mind! Surprisingly, Spanish canned seafood is way far from a cheap meal. Some of the Premium can is $50 – 100!!

One of my favorite seafood can at COMO was the Razor shell clam. Extremely soft, juicy, and has balanced mineral taste with ocean aroma. The restaurant recommend me to add a splash of Salsa Espinaler. It was amazing, but I felt the spicy sauce overpowered the taste of clam. Especially when I had a white wine on the side. I personally enjoyed the most when I had it with lemon squeeze. Maybe because I was born in Japan and I’m used to have lemon wedges on the side for clams or shellfish dishes. Just like eating oysters, a squeeze of lemon will add refreshing taste and brings up the natural Razor clam flavor. Again, it is my personal opinion, and you should enjoy your food in your favorite ways ♡ Few days after my fabulous night at COMO, my best friend Mark found a authentic Spanish grocery store where sells Razor shells can from same company. The store is called Lola & Miguel, opened last year in May. They have amazing selection of meats, some Spanish cooking tools, imported chips, and lots of canned seafood

*My diary about Lola & Miguel store experience will be up soon!

I quickly went down to Downtown with Mark, and finally got to buy this Razor shells can last weekend. I opened the can at night and enjoyed it with a bottle of sauvignon blanc. Just have to say.. AMAZING! It’s really my favorite kinds of drinking snack. Clean, refreshing, and not too salty. It also has a nice and bouncy texture. According to knowledgeable server at COMO, this Ramón Peña brand is really popular in Spain. This company has a technique to capture the flavor of seafood to perfection. Skilled local workers pack each tin by hand one at a time, and this will result a seafood to be prepared to perfection with a fresh flavor and firm bite.

My favorite part of Spanish seafood can meal is the last part, to end with noodle. I’m sure your reaction to my comment will be like… “????, end with noodle dish?! ”, “No, there is no noodle in this can, or does not comes with noodles at all. In Japan, we have a dish called “Shime”, comes after having hot pot or soupie dishes. Shime (〆, しめ) – literary means “finish up” or “to close” in Japanese. I’m using this Shime method to enjoy this can till last one drop!

When you order Nabe (Hot pot) or Soup dish in Japan, they will also provide you Shime dish to finish up all the soup. After eating meats, veggies and seafood in the pot, there will be a flavorful and nutritious soup left in a pot/ bowl. Depending on this taste of soup, chef will choose either rice or noodles to make Shime dish. For example, typical shime for tomato-based hot pot will be Tomato risotto by adding rice, cheese and olive oil. For miso-based hot pot, people typically add Udon or Ramen noodle for Shime.

We respect every ingredients and meals in our culture. Japanese parents teach children to finish every last grain of rice to respect the life and nature.  I personally believe this Shime dish has developed from this Japanese culture.   

Going back to the Spanish canned seafood, Yes! I use this Shime method to finish my Razor clam meal. It is quite simple. 1. Cook your favorite ingredients in a pan with olive oil, 2. Add Razor clam juice and same amount of boiled water,  3. Mix with your favorite pasta and adjust the salt level with salt,  garnish with scallion, sesame, pepper etc. and ready to eat!  I would say 1 can of juice = 1 serving. You can replace the pasta with other noodles like Ramen, Udon, or Somen noodles, and make it to Asian style Shime. My friend told me that the oil-based canned juice is perfect for Peperoncino pasta.

Shime method can be used for other pre-made food such as pickles, olives, and fruits cans. For example, add a tble spoon of sugar and few drops of soy sauce in pickles juice to make authentic Sunomono sauce. Mix olive juice + olive oil + a squeeze of lemon to make salad dressing. Make Teriyaki sauce with juice from fruits can + soy sauce + sake + starch. There is so many ways to enjoy the prepped canned food juice. This will also save your money $$$ and you can enjoy twice with one canned or bottled food! Please share the ideas if you have any amazing Shime recipes.

*Before you use the juice of canned food, please make sure the canned food you’ve purchased has no preservatives or other toxic ingredients! Remember?, You are what you eat♡

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