La Petite Asahi


It has always been my problem with me and flower bouquets.. I actually don’t like to receive flower or bouquet as a gift (except plants). Not many female friends understand me but.. I personally believe its not worse killing flower to make woman happy. Yes, I’m a weirdo! One time, my ex made me an origami flower with kitchen napkin paper and I was so happy that he came up with the heartwarming idea. Ever since, I’ve been searching for a perfect bouquet which makes me or other ladies like me happy without killing flowers. I also wanted to create a bouquet for people with bad pollen allergies just like my mother♡

I got my Japanese Premium Whiskey Bouquet idea from “Edible flower” who sells edible fruits bouquet in Metro Vancouver. I realized that we can turn anything into bouquet by decorating petite gifts. Personalizing bouquet for someone will also add extra value with full of Love♡

My project started in the end of February 2019. I had an idea of making this Japanese whiskey bouquet for longest time, but I didn’t want to make one for my self just to take pictures. I realized that my best friend Mark is turning to 35 years old in mid March, and I was invited to his birthday dinner at new steak house in Yaletown. Mark and I stopped giving birthday gift to each other since 4 years ago, but I just wanted to make a bouquet for him anyways (Good excuse to make this Bouquet! LOL)

Here is what I purchased for DIY Whiskey Bouquet:

-Japanese Premium Whiskey (Amazon Japan)
-Black cardboard (I used a part of box came with miniature whiskey bottles)
-Clear gift bags, size which fit the whiskey bottles (Michael’s Downtown)
-Fake feathers for artsy purpose, not necessary (Michael’s Downtown)
-Lollop Sticks ,XL size (Michael’s Downtown)
-Black tissue paper for gift wrapping (Yokoyaya Chinatown)
-Brown recycling wrapping paper (Yokoyaya Chinatown)
-Clear plastic wrapper (Yokoyaya Chinatown)
-Navy thick ribbon (Yokoyaya Chinatown)

Tools and tapes: scissors, scotch tape, packing tape

This Bouquet theme was “Italian Classic Gentleman” style which Mark always likes. Black and warm leather brown colour with dark classic blue.. It wasn’t difficult to decide the colour and design because I know Mark for almost 13 years. If you are making this bouquet for someone, you must know what kind of style your friend or boyfriend likes!

Here is the steps of making Japanese Premium Whiskey Bouquet:

Step 1: Wrap each whiskey bottles with clear gift bags and seal the top of bag with scotch tape.

Step 2: Attach XL size lollipop sticks on back of Whiskey bottles with packing tape (stronger and holds well).

Step 3: Cut black cardboard into inverted triangle shape which fits all of whiskey bottles, and tape the bottles with sticks on the inverted triangle cardboard. (Make sure to check the balance of bouquet before start taping the sticks)

Step 4: Wrap the body of bouquet with black wrapping tissues. I used 3 tissues to make it more volume. This way the bouquet will have an elegant look. Roll up the end of the tissue into a ball.

Step 5: Use brown recycling wrapping paper to do the same as Step 4. Make sure to wrap it gently to avoid wrinkles on the wrapping paper.

Step 6: Wrap with clear wrapper and follow the same procedure as Step 4 and 5. Make sure not to wrap tight so the bouquet will have nice volume.

Step 7: Make a large bow with navy ribbon and ALL DONE! Nice and easy!

Instead of using miniature whiskey bottles, you can usu nail polishes, cute stuffed toys, chocolates, and other tiny gifts to make personalized DIY bouquet gift for someone special♡ Share your ideas on my comment page!