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First, my apologies to all my La Petite Asahi readers for not updating Diaries, Deals, Recipes, and Japanese Tweets for decades! My excuse is… I had an offer for my dream position in an amazing company back in May and was focusing on catching up to the level to be accepted by my new firm =( I’m planning to gradually get back in shape and update more posts weekly ♡ Thank you for your support and contacting me with sweet and supportive comments. I’m excited to share my knowledge for food and saving tips with you!

Let’s Get Started! Today, I’d like to introduce to you my new favorite grocery shop in Downtown Vancouver. When I say “Grocery Spot”, it doesn’t mean a store where you can buy groceries. For me, it means a spot where you can find a good groceries and save $$$ at the same time! Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE Whole Foods, Urban Fare and Choices Markets as well ♡ and I wish I can shop there every day, but I gotta talk to my best friend A.K.A Bank Accounts and my wallet to feed them too.

HNS = HANNAM Supermarket, is a Korean Grocery Stores started in Burnaby, BC back in 1998, and become popular in the Metro Vancouver. Hannam Supermarket first opened at 106–4501 North Road in Burnaby in 1998, followed by a second location at 1–15357 104 Avenue in Surrey in 2003. Currently they have locations in Surrey, North Burnaby, and Vancouver downtown, and serving all necessities to all Asian-Food Lovers♡ I’m a big fun of HNS since I moved my home from Vancouver Downtown to North Burnaby 4 years ago. The store offers a range of products include seafood, Asian-slice cut meat, Asian kitchen tools and housewares, with a focus on Korean, Japanese, and Chinese products.

Downtown Location was opened in Summer 2018 on the second floor at #202–1323 Robson Street (at Jervis Street). There are stairs to go up and entrance will be on the left hand side. The store is tiny but tidy, and very clean and bright! From my grocery shopping experiences, the most of Asian products in this store are slightly below average price compare to other Asian markets♡ (I will give you more details in the next post “NEW GROCERY SPOT – $$$”).

There are a counter where you can actually order and purchase fresh handmade food including Salmon sushi/ Shrimp sushi/ California rolls/ Yam rolls/ Spicy tuna/ Salmon rolls, Bento box with Japanese Tempura and Korean style chicken/ beef/ pork, Kimbap, Korean sticky rice, and Soup noodles. Eat-in area with chairs and tables are available in the store, and you can snack and chat with your friend before or after grocery shopping. I usually visit this store after dinner with my friend so I didn’t have a chance to try the fresh food, but must be good? =) Please let me know if anyone tried the food there! Sushi combo box was around $2.95-$4.50! The price is not bad at all and doesn’t seem to be dried or old. There are few side dishes such as spicy crispy chicken and shrimps, Korean pancakes, and Korean fired yam noodles, and Japanese Tempura. It was price between $4.99 to $10.99, and ready to serve for your tummy and your family. Perfect for busy people and for lazy night!

Thank you HNS♡ You are saving life of busy Mama, Papa, and single ladies and gentle men. For those single ladies and gentle men who though the portion of side dishes (like picture below) are too much and impossible to finish in one dinner, I recommend you to freeze in a small Ziploc bags and refroze for your lunch anytime. I will definitely introduce you in details about how you can save by going to HNS on Robson in the next post “NEW GROCERY SPOT – $$$”.

Selection of Asian kitchen tools and housewares at HNS are also great. You can find famous Korean golden mini pot for instant noodles and also hot stone pot for Bibimbap dish. My girl friend always follow me to go HNS just to buy Korean facial masks. My favorite cooking tools from HNS is the marble coated non-stick frying pan! It was on sale for $9.99 when I visit the store, and there are 3 sizes at the Downtown location. Non-stick pans are usually over $20 and heavier compared to the Korean non-stick pan I use. I’ve been using the same pan for 4 years already so I believe the quality is pretty decent?

I will try to make some Cheap and Good Recipes with the products I recommend in the post =)

… To Be Continued ♡