La Petite Asahi


My passion is to create character bento box with edible ingredients, but never thought of making a luxury car logo on my bento. Thanks to SR Auto Group and MA Motors for an awesome collab idea! I got to talk to many car industry people who is also passionate about food, and this experience opened up my possibilities with Bento Art ♡

It was difficult to choose which car brand i should go with. Lambo, Porsche.. and Ferrari logo caught my eyes. The colours of logo are easy to find in grocery store and the horse looked very complicated which made me wanted to give a try. My game plan was Yellow = Cheddar Cheese, Black = Seaweed, Red = Ketchup / Chili sauce, Green = Scallion, and White = Mozzarella Cheese, and base is rice with some toppings.

I started from cutting the horsey part from Japanese seaweed. I prefer Japanese seaweed because the seaweed sheets are thicker and stronger. Also, it has dark black colour which will make the art to pop out. Many of my friend asked me if the horse part took a while to make. Actually, horse took only 15 minutes or so. Not bad at all. My longest seaweed cutting experience was 1 hour and it was for Chrome Hearts logo..

I often use Kraft Singles Chedder and Mozzarella to make a base of the bento art. It is really easy to slice in any shapes, and seaweed parts sticks on the cheese perfectly without shrinking. Also, you can use any sauce on top to have desired colour. If you are putting seaweed parts on rice or other ingredients, you have to cut the seaweed 20% larger so that the final size will be what you want after shrinking.

For the red part for logo, I used Sriracha instead of Ketchup. Sriracha gives nice and deep colour. Ketchup gives orange-ish red colour when you place on Mozzarella cheese. I used scallion for green part instead of pesto sauce because pesto and sriracha are both strong flavor and will fight in your mouth. Chedder cheese and Sriracha is already strong so I wanted use ingredient that has simple and light flavor.

On the side, I made mini spring rolls, leek wrapped with sliced pork, sausage flowers, and Japanese egg roll (Tamagoyaki). These are typical bento box side dishes boys love. Since its Ferrari logo bento box, I wanted to make the bento just like I’m making for my son. Hopefully I can make this bento box for my son one day!

My colleague always make fun of me making fancy Bento box for myself and eating on my desk while typing out emails… but that’s alright! You have to make your self happy before making someone else happy, no?

Unfortunately, all the cheese will melt away when you microwave at office LOL but yeah still cute eh?

*Check out Video below for the Ferrari Bento making movie ♡ (Coming soon)