La Petite Asahi


I was born in August 9 1987 in Japan. *Please don’t count my age!* Back in the day, my brother could not eat eggplants, green peppers, oysters, and many other foods, but I had no problems eating all of his leftovers. No wonder I was a chubby baby, love nothing but the food! I was raised in Yamanashi by the Mt. Fuji. My city is famous for the amazing Mt. Fuji view and the world best quality of water. Also, Japanese wine called 甲州ワイン Koshu wine, grapes, peaches, flat wide ほうとう Hotou noodle, and hand-made Udon are our famous local foods.

I’m sure a lot of people have seen below iconic photo of Japan. Many people thought this photo was taken in Tokyo or Kyoto, but actually was taken in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi. This is the city where I lived until Grade 8 with beautiful air, views, and the water.

My grandfather owned several land field in the city, and I was raised with his rice, veggies, fruits and my grandmother’s handmade Udon. Even Miso that my mom used was handmade Miso from my auntie. I was surrounded by the food made with full of Love ♡. First time I actually bought the rice from Grocery store was when I moved to Canada.. and realized that the rice taste so different when its fresh.

When I was in kinder, I started to watch a Kid’s cooking show in Japan called “Hitoride dekirumon ひとりでできるもん”. This is how i met cooking. I wasn’t so helpful girl and didn’t really help my mom when she was cooking, but I enjoyed cooking once in a while. Yes, I was a bit princessy girl.. I used to think it is normal to have my mom’s cooking 3 meals a day, and never appreciated her dishes and her efforts.. (well.. at least being honest here). When my mom wasn’t at home, my bigger brother cooked my meals or had take out food and fed me when I was hungry.

When I moved to Canada, I stayed with a family in White Rock for few years. Everything was fresh to me and I’ve never experienced homesick at all. This is where I met Perogies, Eggo, Pizza pops, Kimchi bowls, and Chicken noodle soup! These are still my favourite foods in Canada. My homestay family was open to try many kinds of food, and they brought me to different kind of restaurants in Metro Vancouver: Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, African, Mexican, German, Russian and many more.

I begin to cook daily when I turned Grade 12 when I had to change my homestay family. I started to live with an old grandmother and this homestay did not include meals. For first few days, I had sandwiches from Starbucks, Save on foods, and Mac’s.. but could not live with only Sandwiches any longer. Save on Foods was just by the apartment so I bought a small bag of rice, a dozen of eggs, and Kikkoman Soy sauce from there. Slowly learned to enjoy cooking.

My turning point in cooking life was when I started to live with my Chinese Canadian (ex)boyfriend in my early 20s. I started to learn basics of Chinese cooking from his father and his nanny. I wanted to cook him what he used to eat at home. Also, started to make lunch boxes for him and myself every day, and it was one of my way to express my love. Ever since this experience, cooking become the biggest part of my life and started to cook and serve my dishes for people I love.

I learned Chinese cooking, Korean cooking, French cooking, Thai cooking and many others.. don’t get me wrong! I did not date guys from all of above countries.. LOL. not all.. I do agree that the best way to learn language and cooking is to date the guy from those countries though.. ♡

This is my back ground of Cooking life. How I fell in Love with Cooking, and how I started to believe the Love is the best spice in the whole world. Now you are ready to follow my daily happy diaries =)

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