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Most of the Asian grocery stores carry semi-dried Chow Mein Noodles. I’ve also seen it in Safeway, Real Canadian Superstore, Costco and Whole foods. A bag of semi-dried Chow Mein noodle usually cost less than $3 anywhere in Vancouver, and this is one of my favourite ingredients to keep in my fridge. A bag usually contains about 450g, and this will serve around 5 meals for me. Not only to make Stir fried Chow Mein, but this chow mien can be used for Japanese Yakisoba, Mazesoba, Wonton noodle soup, and Indonesian Mie ayam. I recommend you to pack in freezer bags and stock in the freezer once its open. This will prevent from noodles to get moldy.

Last week I got a bag of chow mien noodles in T&T for $1.57, which means a portion cost $0.31-32 ONLY. There are many different brands with variety of Chow Mein types. I usually go for any brand on sale or on weekly special to save pennies. Hon’s Chow Mien noodles are a bit thicker than other brands, and have nice and chewy texture. Tak Fung chow mien noodles are thinner and have smooth and silky texture. Try several brands to find your favourite one! Make sure to read the ingredients section in the back of package to see if there are any toxic preservatives used, or if the noodles contain excessive amount of sodium. Remember! You are what you eat.. Ingredients selection is very important for you and your health.

You can buy pre-made Chow Mein sauce or Yakisoba sauce to make your favourite Chow Mien dish. My favourite way to cook this Chow Mein is the Butter-Shoyu style with lots of veggies and your selection of meat or seafood. Rinse the noodles with lots of boiled water first, and stir fry 1. meat, 2. veggies, and noodle together in a pan with sesame oil. For 1 serving, add a table spoon of butter and a table spoon of Shoyu (soy sauce). Mix well and garnish with green onion, pepper, and ready to serve! After adding the cost of meat and veggies, a chow mien dish will still be around $1.00 -$2.00 per serving (depending on the ingredients you add and the amount of noodles you use). This is the reason why cooking at home will save you $$$ money!!! Nothing difficult, and well balanced =)

Try my Mazesoba recipe with Semi-Dried Chow Mein noodles! You can change the recipe to Hot Mazesoba by warming up (microwave) the noodle before garnishing. I will share more recipes like Yakisoba, Wonton noodle soup, and Mie ayam with use of Semi-dried Chow Mein noodles in the future. Keep eyes on my recipe page!

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February 28, 2019